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Threshold Resources offers services for couples planning for Marriage and couples going through Divorce to allow them to manage the complexity of these transitions and to move forward with hope for the future.

Sherry Cassedy is a lawyer-mediator, educator and licensed minister who brings her depth of experience with couples to create meaningful wedding celebrations, to navigate marriage transitions, and to negotiate constructive divorce settlements.

Creative Marriage

Marriage is an age-old institution but each couple wants to create a personalized wedding ceremony to express their individual values. Whether cross-cultural, inter-religious or more traditional, the couple will be able to craft a ceremony that speaks to the heart of their union. Couples may also choose to take advantage of premarital preparation in a series of conversations with Ms. Cassedy.  Of course marriage begins with the ceremony but continues through many phases and life events.  Ms. Casssedy reflects on marriage based on her decades working with separating couples and her own 35+ years of marriage.

Constructive Divorce

Marital separation and divorce, although difficult, can be more constructive when the couple is supported in working collaboratively to resolve their differences. Threshold Resources provides divorce education and mediation and private judging services to enable participants to resolve disputes and accomplish this major life transition with dignity. Both parties meet together with the mediator and attorneys who assist them in gathering necessary information, identifying issues, and resolving disputes.  And just as the wedding ceremony is symbolic as the entry to marriage, couples are beginning to realize the need for a closing ritual to mark the end of the marriage and beginning of a new phase of life.


As a couple prepares for and navigates marriage or approaches the decision to divorce, they confront challenges to create meaning and reimagine family life in the 21st century.  The life transitions of marriage and divorce have changed dramatically over the past several years and deserve the thoughtful participation of the couple in the planning and resolution of how to navigate these life passages.



 Leaving the old, both worlds at once they view,

 That stand upon the threshold of the new.

Edmund Waller, 1686


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