Marriage Preparation

Preparing for Marriage with Threshold Resources

Ms. Cassedy is available to assist with the preparation and performance of the actual wedding ceremony, as well as to prepare and educate the couple for the marriage journey.   Our society does not provide much support to married couples but after the wedding, sends them off into the sunset to live “happily ever after”.  In fact, marriage can be challenging especially in the early years and especially without some understanding of the changes they are likely to experience.  Ms. Cassedy will explore with the couple their assumptions about marriage and provide some essential advice for the journey ahead to provide a strong foundation for the new marriage.

Certified Minister

Ms. Cassedy has been certified by the Family Life Division of the Diocese of San Jose in marriage preparation and has directed the marriage preparation and support ministry program in her local parish.  She has also been an adjunct professor at Santa Clara University where she taught Theology of Marriage in the Religious Studies Department.

Ms. Cassedy has been married for 35 years to Matthew Sullivan, PhD. and they have three adult children, Tyler Sullivan , Cassedy Sullivan, and Timothy Sullivan (deceased).  See her full bio [link]

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